How to Find Bamboo Flooring in Norcross, GA

How to Find Bamboo Flooring in Norcross, GA

If you’ve ever searched for the best flooring company in Norcross, GA, you will discover there are several available. How can you find the best flooring company? Where do you meet a highly qualified flooring installation advisors? Is bamboo flooring the highest-quality route for the price or space? CIC Floors is here to offer answers to and all inquiries!


CIC Floors is a Gwinnett County, GA, family owned business with a showroom in Norcross, GA concentrating in flooring installation. Serving both residential and commercial clienteles in Norcross, GA and all of Metro Atlanta, GA, Co-Owners Cesar and Clara Olguin offer individualized services and an unique outlook on where bamboo flooring would be fitting for your home’s space or industrial area. CIC Floors has numerous different choices of bamboo flooring and several diverse flooring installation possibilities for those of you repairing flooring in Norcross, GA or Metro Atlanta, GA who wish to revamp, patch or lay modern floorings in their area or industrial room.


Our flooring installation crew is vastly informed on how to lay bamboo flooring accurately as well as how to serve any setting (e.g. close-fitting parts) to enhance any home or commercial space.



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Having opened nearly 15 years ago, CIC Floors’ absolute understanding with any and all flooring installation, enthusiasm and integrity have regularly been what distinguishes us from all other flooring companies. CIC’s showroom is centrally located in Norcross, GA (Serving Norcross, GA & Metro Atlanta, GA) and is public by demand for families thinking about bamboo flooring and other hardwoods or tiles choices. You are able to pick from a wide array of flooring selections as our skilled flooring installation team offer counsel and other resolutions hinging on budget and flooring need(s).

CIC Floors – Your knowledgeable bamboo flooring professionals with on staff flooring installation experts located in Norcross, GA – operating in Norcross, GA & Metro Atlanta, GA.

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