Where to Purchase Carpet Flooring in Norcross, GA

Where to Purchase Carpet Flooring in Norcross, GA

If you have ever searched for the best flooring company around Norcross, GA, you will see there are a few search results. How should you find the best flooring company? Where do you find a highly skilled laminate flooring installation advisors? Is carpet flooring the best route for the price or room? CIC Floors will offer solutions to any inquiries!


CIC Floors is a local, family-owned flooring and tile store with a showroom in Norcross, GA specializing in laminate flooring installation. Serving both commercial and residential patrons in Norcross, GA and throughout Metro Atlanta, GA, partners Clara and Cesar Olguin deliver customized services and a distinctive angle on how carpet flooring should be suitable for your space or industrial room. CIC Floors has several alternatives to carpet flooring and numerous different other laminate flooring installation options for those in Norcross, GA or Metro Atlanta, GA who want to remodel, repair or install innovative floorings in their area or business area.


Our laminate flooring installation crew is extremely knowledgeable on how to install carpet flooring properly as well as how to provide service to any setting (e.g. rounded areas) to look great in your area or business space.



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Having opened almost 15 years ago, CIC Floors’ unquestionable skill with any laminate flooring installation, enthusiasm & fairness have consistently been what differentiates us from other Metro Atlanta, GA flooring companies. CIC’s storefront is accessibly located in Norcross, GA (Serving Norcross, GA and all of Metro Atlanta, GA) and is public by appointment for anyone considering carpet flooring or other hardwoods or tiles options. You may handpick from a wide range of flooring selections as our qualified laminate flooring installation experts give recommendations and other options hinging on budget and flooring needs.

CIC Floors – Your knowledgeable carpet flooring experts staffed with laminate flooring installation specialists located in Norcross, GA – working with Norcross, GA & Metro Atlanta, GA.

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